5 Things to Know about CACHATTO

What is it?

CACHATTO is an innovative, secure remote access solution for enterprise. It is usually deployed as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. CACHATTO provides a set of tools that helps users access and manage work related information securely. It allows users to gain access to their intranet without compromising data security by its unique method of No-Data Stored


Who created it?

In 2005, e-Jan Networks in Tokyo Japan the very first concept of retrieving, accessing corporate mails was actualized to give Japanese workers the freedom to access their work emails while being mobile. The general use of feature phones was swept by the arrival of iPhones and then smart phones. CACHATTO has grown tremendously and positioned itself as the number one solution in Japan for the last 3 consecutive years. Its market share is almost 50% in Japan.

Who uses it?

Some of the biggest players which currently distribute and resell CACHATTO are KDDI Europe, Softbank Japan, NRI Secure Technology. Current users include Mizho bank Japan, Muj Corporation, Family Mart, Asahi Breweries. There are annual CACHATTO summits in Japan, Singapore and China which bring together dedicated System Integrators, IT Solutions Vendors, Telecommunication Carriers and End-users.

What does it hope to achieve?

e-Jan Networks Co. the body behind the solution, says that its mission is to protect, empower, and promote secure and flexible work style which helps to balance work and life. CACHATTO is well accepted by large corporations and governmental agencies in Japan which have very strict policy regarding data and information. It helps and creates new work styles in the new age of digital and fast changing environments. Companies no longer need to worry about unauthorized access of the intranet by unapproved devices or software outside the network.

Where is CACHATTO in 2015?

E-JAN INTERNATIONAL was established in 2014 to promote and bring CACHATTO to the rest of the world, the company is based in Singapore which offers a great environment for BYOD, Infrastructure and a flexible, manage-free work style. The company hopes to make workplace a fun, productive and motivating place to be.

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CSO and Evangelist of CACHATTO www.ejan-international.com

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