[CACHATTO Desktop Introduction-1] What is CACHATTO Desktop?

Since its release in May 2014, [CACHATTO Desktop], an optional product of the CACHATTO Service has been praised greatly. Anyone may wonder with interest, “What is this product able to do?” This series of blog is designated to introduce the basics of [CACHATTO Desktop].


The topic of the first series is [What is CACHATTO Desktop?].

1.   CACHATTO Desktop is utilized together with the CACHATTO Service.

CACHATTO Desktop is an optional product with enhanced functionality.

The usage of CACHATTO Desktop is only available to current license holder of CACHATTO.

CACHATTO Desktop cannot be purchased as a stand-alone product.

2.    CACHATTO Desktop enables the modification of Office files that used to be impossible with CACHATTO, securely.

CACHATTO is a remote access product with highly security ensured, which is used to remotely access the mails,

schedules and file server that are on premise.

.     To protect information, attachments and files in file server can be only read basically.

However, hearing the voices, “We want to modify the files outside the company” has raised with the revolution of tablet PC and etc. To meet this need, [CACHATTO Desktop] was developed.

3.   CACHATTO Desktop generates a sandbox environment that is isolated, so that the files inside the company system can

be modified securely even while being outside of the company.

CACHATTO Desktop makes the modification outside the company of files inside the company system possible as mentioned above. The reasons of its security can be seen as the following three.

  • CACHATTO Desktop can generate a sandbox environment that can be only used with authorised applications.
  • Files and data cannot be moved from CACHATTO Desktop.

(Copying and saving of files to standard desktop is not possible)

  • Once CACHATTO Desktop is closed, the sandboxed data will be deleted.

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