[CACHATTO Desktop Introduction] How to Start using CACHATTO Desktop

Since the release in May of last year, [CACHATTO Desktop], an optional product of [CACHATTO] has been praised greatly. This series of blog is designated to introduce the basics of [CACHATTO Desktop].


The second of the series is to introduce how to start using CACHATTO Desktop.


Before using CACHATTO Desktop


Please prepare CACHATTO license and CACHATTO Desktop license.

As mentioned in the last article (insert link to first article here), to use CACHATTO Desktop, both CACHATTO license and CACHATTO Desktop license are necessary.


Have you prepared the CACHATTO user accounts and successfully downloaded the CACHATTO Desktop?

To use CACHATTO Desktop, the preparations of following are necessary. Please refer to your system administrator for details.

・CACHATTO user account information

・Download the CACHATTO Desktop to your Windows PC.


■How to start using it

  1. Start CACHATTO Desktop. Set unlock code for application lock.

Start CACHATOO Desktop on your own PC. If a dialogue of [今すぐDesktopを起動しますか] shows up, click [はい].

After that, it is recommended to set up [Application Unlock Code]. This is a security code necessary that every time CACHATTO Desktop is started. Please set it up by yourself.


  1. Log in CACHATTO SecureBrowser

With the start of CACHATTO Desktop, CACHATTO SecureBrowser in CACHATTO Desktop will automatically start. Please log in using your own user account settings for first time user, you need to configure on the setting screen. Only password will be prompted subsequently.

  1. Secured operation with CACHATTO Desktop

With CACHATTO Desktop, CACHATTO SecureBrowser is used to access the intranet. Applications that can be used are limited. In addition, CACHATTO Desktop is only accessible within sandbox it creates.


  1. Log out from CACHATTO SecureBrowser.

When you are finished with using CACHATTO SecureBrowser, please ensure to log out.

Click the icon [x] on the upper part of the screen, then CACHATTO Desktop will be closed. Everything in CACHATTO Desktop will be erased. No data remaining.


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