A story from an Engineer’s Perspective: Insights in IT security today and where it’s heading

As one of the first developers of CACHATTO, Kumar Reddy has a lot of experience in IT and has been with e-Jan Networks for more than 10 years. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and had worked as a factory processing supervisor. Since Kumar found his job to be monotonous and unchallenging, he decided to shift to the IT industry. For him, a profession in IT was a challenging and interesting one. Six months after joining his first IT company, he quickly got promoted to a management position. Kumar said, “I think, as a programmer, pursuing perfection of a product is the best drive.”

Mr. Sakamoto (left), Mr. Kumar (right)

Mr. Sakamoto (left), Mr. Kumar (right)

Yamakawa: “What did you think of CACHATTO the first time you heard of its concept?”

Kumar: “I’ve always seen developing software similar to raising my own children.” He pointed out that, “CACHATTO is a great product with a lot of potential in my view back since the year 2005. The reason that I thought CACHATTO had great potential was that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) along with security was a frontier concept and very well received in a short period of time.”

Kumar cited that Japanese companies are extremely concerned with the security of corporate information, especially in regards to RAS (remote access service) technology. Bridging the concept of a secured RAS system and ease of use, CACHATTO became popular since its first release. During that time, Microsoft developed similar RAS software, however, people acknowledged that CACHATTO was more user-friendly in comparison.

He added that every business deals with a large amount of data and information that can be valuable to others, so obviously it needs to be well-protected. IT security is essential because in a business environment, data is constantly exchanged between many people across many networks. Data needs to be highly protected from constant threats and vulnerabilities associated with each local or global data exchange.

Customization is one of the features that e-Jan Networks provides. Not randomly guessing what the market wants, but responding to market needs is the reason why CACHATTO is highly distinguished and advanced. As an example, Kumar pointed out that one of the current advantages of CACHATTO is the assurance that no data stays on any devices used, which is an important IT security measure for most companies. However, for companies that are less strict in regards to IT information security, CACHATTO developers are working on an offline version of CACHATTO.

Moreover, Kumar announced that CACHATTO’s Business Messenger, which is in high demand by a number of companies, is currently being developed. BM is a secure messaging app in which instant messages can be exchanged between co-workers. More information will be given in regards to this new product as its development progresses. Kumar, together with the whole e-Jan Networks team are always seeking ways to improve their IT services to further assist their partners and clients do business securely, efficiently, and effectively.

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