A story from a Sales Representative’s Perspective: IT Sales Strategy and Solution Selling

e-Jan Networks Sales Team – Ibuki H.

e-Jan Networks Sales Team – Ibuki H.

Although Ms. Ibuki H. has been with e-Jan Networks Co. for less than a year, she’s known as a “Super Rookie” for having a good sales record, and a vast understanding in regards to IT.

After graduating from the University of Reading, with a BA in politics and international relations, Ibuki joined the sales force at e-Jan Networks. She had heard that the company catered to a number of highly-regarded big corporations, and decided to join the company without hesitation.

Yamakawa: “Ms. Ibuki, what was the biggest challenge you have faced when you first became part of the sales team?”

Ibuki: “There were a couple of things. The first thing was to survive as the only female in a very male-dominated environment” she laughs, as she is the only female in her department. ”

The second one was, because of a serious ‘knowledge blank’ in IT, I kept a vocabulary list to learn about CACHATTO and took note of sales methods”.

As a matter of fact, she elaborated that, selling and learning about the application could be regarded as a simultaneous activity. The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) certainly plays an important role here. As a salesperson, Ibuki is assigned to meet partners and clients in and out of the office on a daily basis.

She expounded on how utilizing the product helps her make sales. In her field of work, she has to interact with various people, such as managers, administrative representatives, technical administrators, and other decision makers, and is sometimes asked difficult questions on top of trying to sell the product to these audiences. The trick is to know and understand the ins and outs of the product so that she could fully illustrate what the product is about. Having hands-on experience herself, Ibuki has the leverage she needs to gain her audiences’ favour.

The CACHATTO motto, “Work Style Transformation”, is clearly seen in her everyday professional work style. She frequently uses CACHATTO to assist her with work-related tasks, for example:

  1. Check schedule on the way to customer companies; as a model for BYOD, demonstration on BYOD is more effective.
  2. Retrieve files from the e-Jan server while at customer companies; helps to explain how file servers work with CACHATTO.
  3. Respond to customers’ questions, find the corresponding manual for the demonstration of CACHATTO; another way to present the advantages of CACHATTO to potential customers.
  4. Report to her line manager about on-going discussions with potential customers; no need to wait to correspond with managers.
  5. Correspond with customers via CACHATTO on-the-go.

In the end, she expressed her high expectations of the up-coming CACHATTO Business Messenger feature. Since standard messaging apps to discuss work-related details are often highly discouraged and even restricted between employees and business people, an instant messaging application for business can reduce the amount of exchanged emails (and potentially workload) and increase the security of communication; a very useful and convenient business tool.

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