A story from a System Engineer’s Perspective: Fundamentals in Designing an App

Mr. Masato T.

e-Jan Networks CTO – Mr. Masato T.

Mr. Masato T. has been with e-Jan Networks for 9 years. He is the CTO of e-Jan Networks and also one of the chief engineers who designed CACHATTO. With a prior occupation in system engineering, Masato has thorough experience with everything related to designing an intuitive application, especially in the development of CACHATTO.

Yamakawa: “We would like to understand the basics of developing a system like CACHATTO. Could you please share with us, how it was initially designed and how it transformed to its current form?”

Masato: Initially, the software was designed to cater to individual consumers. In the year of 2003, e-Jan successfully transformed itself from a B2C to a B2B company, providing service to over 200 companies. In the beginning we developed software that monitored the IT system outside of the company and later added a mail exchange feature among other features.”

Masato emphasized that they focus on what the market demands. However, the requests and needs of their customers differ from one another. Bearing this in mind, they designed a single-solution application, which would be able to provide a suitable service to companies in any industry.

Masato added, we are constantly updating CACHATTO with new and inventive ways of providing a great service to its customers. An annual conference for all end-users is held in October and other IT events are held by e-Jan Networks to help us understand the expectations and feedback from customers. Last year, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for CACHATTO was one of the items inquired about, so e-Jan employees immediately focused their attention on this idea and is currently under development.

Masato expounded that, for him, designing a system revolves around predicting the customers’ needs and fulfilling them. “If we put it into a single word, it would be ‘functionality’.” Masato annotated that their system already had an effective structure, in terms of functionality, so they are presently focusing more on usability.

He also disclosed that a simplified version of CACHATTO is under development. Rather than piling up on functions, reduction and simplification is becoming a new trend. It is necessary to have a more efficient internet response, especially if the system has a comprehensive interface. In its next version, CACHATTO will be able to run on a 2G network environment.

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