CACHATTO Feature: Push Notification Function

CACHATTO Push Notification function was released on 20th of August 2014, which is supported on CACHATTO V5.3 R1, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.11.0 and Android V3.12.0 onwards.

What is “Push Notification“?


To simplify, push notification is a function in which, when a new message arrives, a corresponding alert message will appear to notify the user. Through this, the arrival of a new mail or message status can be known even if the the application is not currently active.


Filtering” is available in CACHATTO Push Notification function. With a massive number of e-mail massages a person receives in a day, filtering enables the user to choose which e-mails he/ she would like to be notified with. This helps organize by extracting important, relevant or urgent e-mails, which can boost your day to day messaging efficiency. Moreover, through this real time alerts, this keeps you informed and engaged by effectively trafficking the flow of incoming messages.

Push Notification can be used along with the [Notification Mail*] . The mail header and sender’s name can be customized to whether it is to be displayed or not.



▲CACHATTO Push Notification


For further details about CACHATTO Push Notification functions & settings, please visit the CACHATTO support site and/or CACHATTO partner site for release notes and manuals.


*Notification Mail lets you know when you have a new e-mail by displaying an alert 
when as soon as it arrives so you can keep track of your mail even when you’re not looking 
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