CACHATTO Feature: Common Password

[Common Password] was released in 2012, support from CACHATTO V4.6 R1 onwards.

Using a single password to log into multiple applications (e.g. Exchange Server, File server, etc.) through [Common Password] enables you to access all the applications which are connected to the CACHATTO server upon login.

Previously, in cases when your IT admin decides to change your system ActiveDirectory password every three months to follow security policy requirements,  it was necessary to update all of your application passwords to access each application in CACHATTO. This was done by changing all passwords in CACHATTO SecureBrowser [User Setting]. It was important to change the passwords one by one since the CACHATTO Server stores each application password separately.


To minimize the trouble of updating all passwords and implement efficiency, we developed a new method in which enables you to set the password settings, as well as set a common password for each application. Users are able to access each application connected to the CACHATTO Server if [Common Password settings] is rendered enabled.


・ [Common password] is only applicable if each app has the same password
・ [Common password] setting is applicable per CACHATTO Server and not per user

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