A story from a CEO’s Perspective: Company Motto & Product Idea


During a one-on-one interview with Shiro Sakamoto, CEO of e-Jan Networks, I realised that one would find it natural to describe Shiro as a passionate individual. This was clearly visible, as he shared his thoughts on how he envisioned and built e-Jan Networks. One good example of this could be seen in the company name itself; “e-Jan” (いいじゃん), which means “That’s great!” in English. It is a term in Japanese commonly used in daily, casual conversations to express one’s excitement. To Shiro, this term refers to his excitement, as well as his expectations toward the company he built and its products.

Yamakawa: “How did this motto come about?”

Shiro Sakamoto: “At the very beginning, I wanted to develop a product that I could say “いいじゃん!” to.”

However, the first product that the company developed wasn’t as successful as he had imagined. The “Gmail-like” application, which they first produced, was not highly applauded at that time. Shiro said that if customers weren’t amazed and exclaimed “It’s great!”, then the business wouldn’t fly. From that moment on, he decided to gear the business towards a vision in which customers would be astounded and exclaim “いいじゃん!” towards their product. Moreover, for him, it is not enough to have customers use the expression only once; he wanted them to have the same “いいじゃん!” reaction again and again – continuous customer satisfaction.


The company’s current business model is based on an annual subscription. Yearly subscriptions are obtained by gaining customer loyalty and all-out satisfaction. In approaching new and prospective customers, Shiro and everyone in the company are on a mission to convince others that their product and themselves as the best. Rather than attempting to meet their demands, e-Jan Networks judiciously predicts the customer’s needs. This brings forth continuous compliments from their customers as they say “いいじゃん!”

Yamakawa: “Is it safe for me to say that CACHATTO has met your “いいじゃん” standards and can be called an “いいじゃん” product?”

Shiro Sakamoto: “Yes! CACHATTO has grown into a mature product as expected (by us and our customers).”

CACHATTO revolves around the idea of maximum on-line security. While the company is continuously reaching for new customers, they are always keeping in mind their patrons and making sure they are satisfied.

e-Jan Networks’ market share has grown exponentially, and now, the foreign market (in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Europe) has started to grow. Responding to new foreign market demands gives e-Jan the opportunity to utilize their creativity, which in turn, opens up the possibility of a new market. Shiro disclosed the fact that the company faced some difficulties at the beginning, however, he saw that as a strong indication that their product would need to be reinvented and changed to be able to respond to market needs. That was exactly what they have done and have been constantly striving for; pursuing the “いいじゃん!” motto.

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