A story from a Tech Support Manager’s Perspective: Support with Team Values

Gucci02Shortly after e-Jan was established, Gucci joined the company in the year of 2000. As one of the employees that has been working for e-Jan, he knows e-Jan better than most people.
“It was a small start-up back then with five members. I was responsible for web design tasks,” Gucci said.
Currently, Gucci is the technical support manager in e-Jan. The company formed the group to provide customers with after-sales support of CACHATTO.

Yamakawa: “Could you please share with us on how your group responds to customers in regards to inquiries?”

Gucci: “We receive reports from IT managers of end users in the form of e-mails and phone calls. A team of receptionists is then put in charge of making inquiries into systematic tickets. The tickets briefly contain the inquiries and information why the clients faced difficulties with CACHATTO. We listen to our customers’ problems attentively; putting ourselves into the shoes of our customers and providing them with the most apt solution possible. When the situation calls for, we visit our clients together with some members of our technical team, to address the situation better.”

Yamakawa: “As a group mainly responsible for the after-sales service, what would be some of the significant assets of your team?”

Gucci: “We are very committed and enthusiastic in providing the best possible care to our existing customers. Fortunately, we are a very flexible team and everyone in the team knows how to work with one another.”

Yamakawa: “How do you ensure the quality of your service?”

Gucci: “In circumstances, we work closely with our technicians to find the best possible solution in the shortest time frame. Locally and globally, CACHATTO users have been increasing rapidly. Accordingly, our group has been expanding as well. For overseas customers, we set up a global help desk to respond their inquiries 24/7.”

As CACHATTO continues to grow and improve its functionalities, Gucci and his team are constantly engaging with inquiries or other related matters. As the company is taking on the challenge to market the service outside Japan, e-Jan is trying to customise the product to better fit with the local needs. At the same time, the support team is also learning and adapting ourselves to the new market, making it a fully global product. As Gucci puts it, “CACHATTO is and will continue to strive to be a product that progresses with time and market trends.”

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