Multi-Cloud Gateway

Providing property control with single sign-on (SSO) access, CACHATTO Multi-Cloud Gateway™ enables its users to have complete manageability in accessing all of their cloud systems. Moreover, CACHATTO is equipped with an “individual device authentication” mechanism which securely and affirmatively identifies a particular device whenever it is accessing the network. Thus this allows users to have the same level of security as that of an on-premise service.

How Multi-Cloud Gateway™ enhances your cloud service:

  • Access both on-premise and cloud services through one remote access service, CACHATTO
  • Retain the same user interface provided by a given cloud service provider
  • Access the cloud service easily without password input with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Easily enforce BYOD: CACHATTO SecureBrowser prevents users from saving any data from any cloud service onto their device. This helps reduce the risk of data or information leakage.
  • Have an additional security layer with CACHATTO’s “individual device authentication function”, preventing unauthorized cloud service access
  • Links multiple cloud services into one, easily manageable system
  • Features customizable layout configuration for the Top Menu

Multi-Cloud Gateway™ Link Function


  1. Login to CACHATTO, and access the CACHATO cloud server (automatically logs in to the cloud service)
  2. CACHATTO logs in to the cloud service designated on the device, and acquires an authentication key
  3. The device acquires the authentication key through CACHATTO (auto-login complete)
  4. Connect to a secure browser that prevents data caching on the device


In Use

Retain the user interface provided by the given cloud service provider

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