CACHATTO User Conference Tokyo 2015

CACHATTO User Conference Tokyo 2015

CACHATTO User Conference Tokyo 2015

Last 6th November , CACHATTO User Conference Tokyo 2015 was held in Tokyo, Akasaka. CACHATTO user conference is an annual event with various massages and presentations from the company’s department heads, a live-interactive survey on the product, and a chance to hear about the new developments, and upcoming CACHATTO updates and products with the keynote hosted by Shiro Sakamoto, e-Jan Networks Co. CEO.


Shiro Sakamoto, e-Jan Networks CEO

In this year’s conference, the event was privileged to have an honorary guest representative from Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd, Mr. Inata, delivering an outstanding presentation on his company’s experiences in utilizing CACHATTO services entitled, “Using CACHATTO to Solve the Immobility Caused by Strengthened Information Security.” Mr. Inata presented the advancements of IT securities and their corresponding inefficiencies and limitations, followed up on how his company embraced these IT security advancements, while keeping a maximized work efficient environment with the help of CACHATTO.


Mr. Inata of Panasonic System Networks Co.

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