CACHATTO Around the World: In an Aeroplane

In anticipation for the holidays, diligent vacationers plan early and efficiently. When arranging your itinerary, it’s best to use time wisely. Having long periods of free time is part and parcel of air travel, but there is a way to use that time effectively.


Image 1.1: Connecting to CACHATTO

Last week, our associate “Mr. S” went on a business trip, and everything went seemingly well. On his return trip, Mr. S decided to check his e-mail.  Using the in-flight WiFi (offered by the airline), he securely accessed his work server with the use of CACHATTO… and it successfully connected.


Image 1.2: CACHATTO In-flight

Due to in-flight WiFi still being rather expensive, “Mr. S” could only view a few e-mails before hitting the usage limit.
If more airlines could provide cheaper WiFi access during flight, it would truly be “easy access, anywhere”, even during air travel.

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