Recovering CACHATTO from back up files

You’re never “too careful” to keep a backup handy, in preparation for those unexpected moments of accidental physical server damage or setting changes.  CACHATTO backup function can be accessed at the CACHATTO Administrator page under the Maintenance tab.

We will discuss some basic requirements in recovering CACHATTO. Moreover, we will also cover some FAQs.

Requirements when recovering CACHATTO

  • Backup files for the corresponding CACHATTO version used
  • Registration key (The registration key is listed on the user’s license certificate, and can also be views from the CACHATTO Administrator page, under the License Information tab.

FAQs on Data Recovery

  • Q: Where can I find the “Data Recovery” menu?
    A: The “Data Recovery” menu is only shown after the data is cleared.This menu does not appear when using CACHATTO normally or when starting up the application after clearing data.
  • Q: I can’t log in with the administrator ID and Password after clearing data. What should I do?
    A: If the administrator ID and password have changed, it was reset when the data was cleared. You should thus input a default administrator ID and password.

For further queries regarding the data recovery process, refer to page 128 of ‘CACHATTO Administrator Manual (For Ver 5.5 R2).

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