CACHATTO Origins: Behind the Name “CACHATTO”

To a Japanese speaker, the name “CACHATTO” is fairly intuitive; however, to a non-Japanese speaker, the meaning behind the name is less clear. To unravel the mystery, we will introduce the story behind the name “CACHATTO” in two parts: (1) the meaning and (2) the moment of inspiration.

The phrase “kachatto” is an onomatopoeia (sound effect) of something clicking into place. For example, the noise when you slot a LAN cable into place.


The intention behind the name was to convey how easy and simple it is to install the CACHATTO server. With a just a “click!” of a LAN cable, you can gain access to your emails, schedules, file servers, and more from your device, anytime and anywhere.

Next week, we will continue talking about CACHATTO Origins with “The Moment of Inspiration”, so do watch out for that.

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