CACHATTO E-mail Address Autocomplete

E-mail Autocomplete is a feature in which an application predicts the name or e-mail address in which the user is typing. It is intended to speed up human-computer interaction by decreasing the number of keystrokes needed to type in. The e-mail autocomplete feature in CACHATTO was introduced in CACHATTO V5.5 R2. With this feature, the user is able to select the recipient from a list of suggested names/ e-mails which you have previously sent a message to.


Image 1.1: Autocomplete feature (smartphone)


Image 1.2: Autocomplete feature (tablet)

The autocomplete feature settings can be changed from the “Security Policy” page of the CACHATTO Administration Page. Autocomplete is set as “OFF” by default, so you can enable this feature by changing it to “ON”.


Image 1.3: Enabling Autocomplete feature

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