CACHATTO Origins: The Moment of Inspiration

Names are anything but simple; whether it be a person’s name or a product name, a name contains history, intention, and hopes.

E-Jan International Ltd.’s CEO, Shiro Sakamoto, explained the story behind the road to CACHATTO.

Shiro“We started our business with a B-to-C project that was something similar to Gmail. What we wanted was for cellular phones with internet capability (browser phones) to access one’s personal e-mail. The system we started in 2000 was called “mailpointer”. However, the concept of “cloud” was nonexistent at the time, way before Gmail was born, so it did not go so well as we had hoped,” Mr. Sakamoto said.

“From that point in time, the company decided to go into the enterprise business, and came up with the concept of supplying the enterprise network connection service for browser phones. It made corporate e-mail accessible from browser phones. In 2002, we started with a system called “Melpo” (short for “mailpointer”). The program installed in the PC manipulates mailer software to send information to a connection server on the cloud, so browser phones could then get the information. Because of Melpo’s unique way to transfer data, enterprises did not need to change their network settings at all. However, this thought initially met with a hurdle, because such a system would require the user’s computer to remain active at all times. We swiftly took care of this issue by putting the e-mail retrieval system built on a server, not on PC; data can be accessed as long as the server remains operational.”

Thus a plug and play system, the CACHATTO server was born, with an onomatopoeic name to convey simple, easy installation. CACHATTO’s continuous success can be attributed to its easy, immediate implementation that allows for remote and highly secure access not only to corporate e-mail, but also to corporate calendars, groupware, file servers, etc., without making any major setting changes to the existing system.

As such, CACHATTO’s growth can be attributed to the intention behind its name, and would not have been made possible without the efforts that came before it.

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