E-mail Retaining Function in an Event of a Failed Message Delivery

Whenever an e-mail was unable to successfully sent is due to a number of possible reasons, like connection problem, mail server interruption, etc. Due to this, it is often the message gets erased and you would need to re-write the whole message again, which could be a hassle and time consuming, especially if the message is distinctive and urgent.

In lieu to this, there is a feature introduced in CACHATTO V5.5 R2 that prevents your e-mail messages from getting erased, in an event of a transmission error (for example, due to an unstable 3G/4G connection) occurs.

If the connection suddenly drops during the process of  sending your message, CACHATTO will display a pop-up notice will appear without erasing your e-mail message written on the e-mail message box.  This enables you return to the message for editing or to retry sending the e-mail once more.


Image 1.1: Error Pop up Message due to Connection Interruption

After a successful second attempt to send the e-mail has been made, a pop up message to confirm that the recent attempt message was sent or whether the previous attempt had successfully been delivered.


Image 1.2: Successful Delivery Confirmation

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