Complexity Settings for CACHATTO’s Login Password

Password complexity is a crucial part of maintaining a secure IT environment. One of CACHATTO’s security features is having a settings menu for IT administrators  to set users’ login password complexity settings in CACHATTO. This feature can be found in the “Password Security Settings” page of the CACHATTO server administrator page.

With this, administrators can set password setting rules and create lists of forbidden passwords.

Directions to the Password Security Settings page is as follows:

  1. From the Administrator page, click the Server Settings tab
  2. Click Security Policy button, found on the side menu
  3. Scroll down to the Password Advanced Settings menu and click “>>Password-related Settings” link

Image 1.1: Password Security Settings page

Password Rule Settings menu:

  • Forbid the use of simple passwords
    • prevents the use of simple, common or predictable passwords which can be easily guessed by an unknown party (example: 1111, 1234, aaaa, abcd, qwerty, etc.)
  • Forbid the use of the user ID as a password
    • prevents the use of a password which matches the user’s ID.
  • Update forbidden password list
    • prevents the use of passwords registered “Forbidden Pattern List
  • Forbid the reuse of current passwords
    • prevents the reuse of currently set password

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