CACHATTO Around the World: Hangzhou, China

The West Lake in Hangzhou is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the Zhejiang province of eastern China. While visiting the beautiful landscape,”Mr. T.”, one of our employees,  took a few photos to share with his coworkers. As a business man on-the-go, he would often check his office e-mail ever so often. With CACHATTO, he is able to view and send e-mails messages and may also include photo images as e-mail attachments.


Image 1.1: On the banks of Hanzhou’s West Lake


Image 1.2: in front of West Lake’s Leifeng Pagoda

While passing by in front of Leifeng Pagoda, Mr. T was able to access CACHATTO with his internet connection. He was able to check his e-mail messages and was even able to share a couple of photos of the tranquil West Lake to us.

Access to company servers is possible with CACHATTO, even in the picturesque outdoors. CACHATTO guarantees secure access to corporate system via any device with an internet connection, anytime and anywhere in the world

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