App Lock Settings

App Lock is one of CACHATTO features which helps keep  the company’s sensitive and confidential information away from peering eyes by automatically locking the CACHATTO SecureBrowser after a given idle period. With this, the app will request the user to enter App Lock Passcode before access.

App Lock



CACHATTO App Lock settings can be adjusted from the MDM Policy Settings on the User Access Setting of the Administrator page.

  • Activate App Lock feature: ON/OFF
  • Minimum number of characters
  • Passcode Complexity
  • Reset App Settings (Clear application settings when user fails to unlock after a given number of times)
  • Standby Time Length before App Lock activates (length of time while CACHATTO is being used in background)
  • Time length to auto-app lock (length of time CACHATTO is left idle)

The above settings of the MDM policy group are reflected after being set by the user.

Details of the individual settings can be found in the CACHATTO Administrator manual.

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