Time Zone Settings

Setting up the proper timezone of your locality can help you more than just inconveniently telling you the wrong time or date. The time zone setting function is one of CACHATTO’s features, which allows the time displayed within the application to be adjusted to a chosen time zone. This feature is especially useful for those traveling between/to different time zones on business trips.

Time zone setting feature affects timestamps for:

  • E-mails
  • Schedules (Exchange EWS and Google Apps only)
  • Last login timestamp

The different time zone settings are as follows:

  1. Server time (Not adjusted)
    The time zone disregards the current time zone and maintains the time zone of the server.
  2. Sync with device’s date and time
    The time zone syncs with the time zone of the device. *
  3. Time-zone manual selection
    Select the time zone of a specific region/country.


The time zone setting can be accessed from Display Settings, which can be found by opening the User Settings page of CACHATTO SecureBrowser.


Note: When changing the CACHATTO server time zone after OS installation, it is recommended to use GUI.


* To synchronize with your device’s time settings, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.14.0 or CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.12.1 or later is required.

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