Ricoh Business Solutions 2016: The Blueprint of Smart

20160311RicohOn March 10~11, 2016, E-Jan International exhibited demonstrations of CACHATTO and NinjaConnect FS at Ricoh Singapore’s event, “Ricoh Business Solutions 2016: The Blueprint of Smart”, held at the Marina Mandarin Singapore. The event was a showcase of “Smart, Simple, and Fast Solutions” for enterprises.

At the event, NinjaConnect FS received much acclaim from companies that do not use a VPN, or want to access and share file servers remotely. Features that were particularly popular were the device authentication feature, and the user log acquisition feature that enables the administrator to view where files are being downloaded, and by whom.

While both NinjaConnect FS and CACHATTO allow access to files from outside the company, even when the user is on a business trip, those concerned about receiving stable internet connections were particularly interested in CACHATTO Desktop. CACHATTO Desktop is a CACHATTO optional software, which allows for the user to edit and view files with ensured security even when there is an unstable or no internet connectivity.

Overall, E-Jan International was able to reach a large number of companies at the event.

For further information on CACHATTO, and/or NinjaConnect FS, please visit the E-Jan International homepage.

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