Revolutionizing Work-style: What is BYOD?

BYOD has revolutionised the way companies do business and the way employees work. With consumer technology constantly evolving, electronic products such as mobile devices have made a strong presence in our everyday lives and subsequently emerged into the business scene too.

The term “BYOD”, bring your own device, refers to using your personal device, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc., for work purposes such as remotely accessing company systems and data, virtual communication with company employees, business partners or customers at any time, and carrying out work tasks via specialized applications. BYOD had initially been appealing among people working offsite and on the go, but it’s no surprise that it has come to encompass employees working in a variety of industries and environments, given the number of potential advantages for both companies and their employees.

In the late 90’s, consumer technology was becoming more affordable and user friendly and networks were becoming faster and better; as a result, computer technology gradually became integrated into our daily lives, from communication, to research, to making documents, entertainment, and the list goes on. This trend, where consumers have access to the latest technology, is known as “The consumerisation of IT”.

BYOD started gaining recognition in 2011 when smartphones (and smart devices) were becoming ubiquitous among consumers globally. At some point, most people owned at least one smart device and used it for everyday activities and tasks; businesses had no choice but to embraced the inevitable use of personal devices at (or for) work, at least to some extent. Compared to before, where businesses played a leading role in the development of consumer technology, consumers have been making a big contribution to technological and social advancements; this shift in power is referred to as “consumer enterprise”.

The progression toward mobility enabling solutions is ever-present and unstoppable; businesses and consumers alike are successively embracing technology and integrating it into their daily routines. It’ll be exciting to see what else the future holds for mobile technology innovation inspired by the consumer market.

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