CACHATTO V5.5 R5 Version Release

CACHATTO V5.5 R5 was released March 31, 2016. This latest version of CACHATTO contains a number of improvements/strengthened features.
CACHATTO V5.5 R5: What’s New?

  • Limiting the use of specific CACHATTO applications and its version(s)
    • This allows the CACHATTO administrator to enable/disable the use of specific CACHATTO applications (such as CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Desktop) and versions that can log into CACHATTO.
  • Blacklisted-applications feature
    • This feature prevents the use of CACHATTO SecureBrowser on devices with blacklisted applications (such as Jailbreak apps).


For more on this function, please refer to the Support site.

Blacklisted-application feature:

  1.  Visit the Support Site
  2. Go to the Technical Information area and click “Blacklisted-applications feature


* CACHATTO V5.5 R5 requirements:

– CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.21.0 and above (Android devices)

–  CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.19.0 and above (iOS devices). In order to enable the new features of CACHATTO V5.5 R5 , you must be registered to the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.


For more information on CACHATTO V5.5 R5 release, please refer to the release notes (Japanese only).

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