Limiting the Use of Specific CACHATTO Applications and Version(s)

This feature, introduced on March 31, 2016 with CACHATTO V5.5 R5, allows the CACHATTO administrator to enable/disable the use of specific CACHATTO applications (such as CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Desktop) and versions that can log into CACHATTO.

The CACHATTO administrator can limit the use of old versions of CACHATTO applications, or permit only specific versions to be used.


Limiting Versions (Example):

The administrator can now choose to either enable/ disable the use of any older versions of CACHATTO applications, thereby ensuring that only the most recent version is being used.

Limiting Applications:

The administrator can limit CACHATTO application use to only the iPhone and iPad versions.


Image 1.1: Application Version Restriction control panel

How to access Application Version Restriction page

  1. Go the the Administrator page and click on the Server Settings tab
  2. Click Security Policy, found on the left side panel
  3. Scroll down to Application Version Restriction , click Detailed Settings Page


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