Displaying Documents or Presentations using Streaming Devices

In an earlier blog post, we talked about on how you could access your document or presentation from your file server with CACHATTO, and display on a TV monitor or large display using VGA adapter. This is a very simple and quite traditional way to connect a device to a monitor. However, in this technological age, many prefer to connect their devices “wirelessly” due to a number of reasons:

  • Better mobility, rather than being bounded to a monitor by a cable
  • Better display quality
  • Faster and easier connectivity between device and monitor display

A couple of ways to present your document or presentation “wirelessly” are with the use of Apple TV (for iOS devices) and Chromecast (for Andriod). First, connect to your file server securely using CACHATTO, and access your file.


Image 1.1: Accessing file Server using CACHATTO


Image 1.2: Stream display using Apple TV

Stream display using Apple TV:

  1. On you iOS device, swipe up to access “Control center”
  2. Tap Airplay
  3. Choose the name of the Apple TV device you want to stream content to, and turn on Mirroring

Stream display using Chromecast:

  1. On you Android device, open Google Cast app
  2. One the left hand corner, tap the navigation menu and tap Cast screen
  3. Choose the name of the Chromecast device you want to stream content to, and tap Cast screen button

*Make sure to set your smart phone (or tablet) and streaming devices under the same Wi-fi network.


As mentioned in the previous post, displaying specific file from your file server on a TV monitor with a VGA port is quite handy. However, with a use of an streaming devices (like Apple TV and Chromecast), wireless device-to-monitor connectivity option is also available. In whichever option you may want to use, CACHATTO remote access service is there to assist you with instant corporate system access and file sharing.

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