E-Jan International at 3rd Japan-Singapore Inter-Professional Collaboration Symposium

On 14 May, 2016, E-Jan International participated as a Platinum Exhibitor in the 3rd Japan-Singapore Inter-Professional Collaboration Symposium.

The JSIP acts as a platform for medical professionals from both Japan and Singapore to introduce new products and ideas, with this year’s topic, “Community Based Integrated Care”, as a springboard for discussion on healthcare in an aging society.


The one-day event attracted more than 400 professionals from the medical and healthcare industry. The majority of the event attendees who attended E-Jan International’s exhibit indicated their concern in personal data protection. Bearing that in mind, the presenters gave the visitors detailed explanations on how CACHATTO can safeguard their patients’ personal data without compromising the healthcare workers’ mobility and efficiency. Many were convinced by CACHATTO’s ability of not storing any data on devices, while allowing them to use their own preferred smartphones or tablets to refer to their patients’ records on-the-go (Bring-Your-Own-Device).

CACHATTO is used by a huge number of companies in a variety of fields. To learn more about our range of customers and how CACHATTO assists them in their field of business, check out our list of Client Case Studies.

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