Introducing CACHATTO Desktop V2.0

On 20 May, 2016, e-Jan Networks released CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.0.

CACHATTO Desktop V2.0 introduces two new features for better interaction, efficiency, and user experience; “Launcher” and “FileManager”:

Launcher is a bar of applications situated at the right side of your screen. It provides quick-launching to the applications in CACHATTO.


Image 1.1: CACHATTO Desktop Launcher

FileManager is a new feature in CACHATTO Desktop. With a window-like UI, it allows easy browsing within the file server.


Image 1.2: CACHATTO Desktop FileManager

Additionally, CACHATTO SecureBrowser has been renovated to allow even faster access to e-mail and portal functions.

With these new features, CACHATTO Desktop V2.0 raises efficiency and usability with all the security of the previous CACHATTO Desktop and CACHATTO.


To learn more about CACHATTO Desktop here:



CACHATTO Desktop V2.0 site [Japanese only]:


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