CACHATTO Desktop V2.0: Launcher

With the May 2016 release of CACHATTO Desktop V2.0, the new “Launcher” feature was introduced. As mentioned at the last post regarding the CACHATTO Desktop V2.0 release, the Launcher is a bar of applications situated at the right side of your screen, which provides quick-launching to the applications on the CACHATTO desktop.

In the first version of CACHATTO Desktop, CACHATTO’s icon menu was only displayed in CACHATTO SecureBrowser’s home page. Due to this, it was necessary to return to CACHATTO SecureBrowser’s home page when accessing emails or the file server.

The Launcher,  in the newly release version, allows for easy access to all features right from the desktop.


Image 1.1: CACHATTO Desktop screen shot with Launcher on the right side of the screen

The Launcher can be “pinned” to the desktop to always be displayed, or be hidden according to personal preference. Furthermore, the Launcher allows quick access to the LoginApp, which enables the user to easily switch between multiple user accounts without rebooting CACHATTO Desktop.


For more information, please visit the CACHATTO Desktop product page. (only in Japanese)

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