CACHATTO Desktop V2.0: FileManager

With the latest release of CACHATTO Desktop V2.0, on May 2016, we introduced the new “FileManager” feature.

FileManager is an “explorer”-like application in V2.0, which allows smooth and easy browsing within a file server.


Image 1.1: CACHATTO Desktop – FileManager

By double-clicking files within FileManager window, the file will be downloaded to the virtual workspace of CACHATTO Desktop, in which it can be viewed and edited by the user. Using this method of access a file, saved changes will be automatically applied on to a different file name and uploaded to the file server.
Alternatively, a file can be accessed through downloading it from the file server. Simply drag the file from the FileManager window, and drop it on to virtual desktop. Similarly, files can also be uploaded to the file server by drag-and-dropping them from the virtual desktop.

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