Function Introduction: Labour Management

With the release of CACHATTO V5.5 R6, on 19 July 2016, E-Jan introduced the labour management feature.

Labour management feature in CACHATTO V5.5 R6 enables administrators to restrict/specify the days and hours an individual user can access CACHATTO. This allows the administrator to limit access to on-premise systems and cloud services that CACHATTO is connected to. In effect, companies can manage their employees’ working time.


Image 1.1: Labour management access notice [click to enlarge]

Let’s say for example that the company would like to manage employees’ working hours within the the standard 9 to 6 weekday labour hours.  The administrator can set the allowable CACHATTO access day/time to: Mondays – Fridays,  9 am – 6 pm (09:00~18:00) in the CACHATTO Administrator page. Furthermore, the administrator can also prohibit access on a certain day or holiday that may fall on a weekday.


Image 1.2: Labour Management Settings

Together with the Labour management settings, the “Emergency Access Permissions” can be enabled or disabled, which allows the user to access CACHATTO outside of the allotted hours in case of emergency. Any emergency access made by the user will be registered in the CACHATTO Administrator page – User log acquisition.


Image 1.3: User log acquisition with Labour management restriction


Labour management settings can be found from the CACHATTO Administrator Page:

  1. Click Server Settings tab
  2. Select Security Policy page, found on the left panel menu
  3. Locate Group Policy settings and click Policy Settings page link

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