CACHATTO Server on Virtual Machine

CACHATTO Server (CACHATTO Access server or CAS) is a secure gateway that allows you to access your internal, on-premise systems or cloud services through an outbound-only connection.


Diagram 1.1: CACHATTO System Structure

As it may seem overly complicated to setup, CACHATTO can easily be deployed on an actual server or even a virtual machine.  Today, we will  would enlist the requirements, as well as the supported virtual machines where you can  install and deploy CACHATTO.


  • Supported virtual machines are VMware ESX、Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Virtual machine must support CACHATTO server requirements (please see table 1.1)
  •  Supported OS (Red Hat Linux 5/6, Cent OS 6.4/6.5/6.6) has been properly installed and set up on the virtual machine
  •  OS is set up on the virtual machine must be done accordingly to the step-by-step instructions designated by E-Jan International

Table 1.1: CACHATTO Server specification requirements

The set-up of the CACHATTO server and setting configurations is done solely on the client-side (ie: company administrator).


For more information on installing the CACHATTO Server on a virtual environment, contact us for further details.

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