How secure remote access essential for business

outbound_connectionRemote access technology made a significant shift on how people work today. This advancement paved a way for companies to have an increase in business agility and flexibility, through full work mobility. In addition, this enabled companies to have an increase in work productivity by providing employees with a clear-cut approach to maintain work-life balance.

However, with the availability of allowing corporate file access, keeping data secure has become more and more challenging – connecting PCs and mobile devices are susceptible to malwares and data leaks due to cyber-attacks, or devices being physically lost or stolen. When these kind of situations happen, the risk of valuable corporate data being erased or stolen is extremely high. In order to lessen security threats against corporate network(s), having an effective remote access policy can help mitigate the risks. Security policies enhances and maintains a safe network environment, where employees can work comfortably, and minimize unauthorized access.


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