How do you use CACHATTO Desktop?

CACHATTO Desktop is incredibly versatile in that it can be used in a variety of tasks. In the Universal Workplace introductory video, there are many examples of how CACHATTO Desktop can be used online and offline to facilitate your workstyle.

The above video (Japanese only) shows the number of ways that CACHATTO Desktop can be used in real-life situations, such as while during travel.

*Click on the time codes below to see specific features of CDt.


[time code: 0:49] When connected to the internet, CACHATTO Desktop allows access to office resources, such as the file server [time code: 1:10] , emails, etc.

Access to cloud services is also possible while connected to the internet [time code: 0:58].

[time code: 1:13] Accessing files while disconnected from the internet can be done by dragging and dropping files to the virtual desktop. The files can be [time code: 1:35] edited offline with the installed applications, and will be temporarily saved to the virtual desktop. Upon connecting to the internet again, the edited file can be [time code: 2:20] re-uploaded to the file server.

This set-up can be executed in any number of permutations. CDt can facilitate your workstyle no matter where you are, regardless of the stability of your internet connection.

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