Function introduction: Common password

Have you ever wondered how to go about changing all the passwords for the various services linked to your CACHATTO after changing your AD password?

CACHATTO’s ‘common password’ feature could assist you with this. The ‘common password’ feature enables you to instantly update your password for your mail servers, portals, file servers, etc., as long as they all use the same password.


Image 1.1: User Setting Customisation: Common password (click to enlarge)

How to set up your shared password:

  1. Go to CACHATTO Admin page and go to Security Policy page, found in the  Server Settings tab
  2. Under the User Access Settings listing, click on the Customisation Settings link, found next to Customise User Settings Page column
  3. Click the ‘Common Password’ checkbox under the User Settings listing.
  4. Using any client device (smartphone, tablet, PC), access CACHATTO
  5. Go to ‘User Settings’ and enter the AD password as the common password.

Image 1.2: User settings: Change password (click to enlarge)


Mail server ‘Common password setting’

  1. On the  CACHATTO Admin page, go to Server Settings tab
  2. Click on Mail Server Settings on the left column
  3. Click on the ‘Common Password Settingsfound in the top right corner of the Mail Server Settings listing.
  4. Choose which mail servers and portals with which to use the common password.

Image 1.3: User Settings: Update common password (click to enlarge)

After applying these changes to your settings, remember to update your registered AD password whenever the AD password is changed.


If you are already using AD/LDAP authentication for your CACHATTO login, skip steps 1~4 (How to set up your shared password) and follow the steps below. With the following steps, the next time you successfully log into CACHATTO, the password will be changed to the common password.

Update common password

  1. Go to the CACHATTO Admin Page
  2. Go to the User Settings tab, and click on User Information found on the the left hand column
  3. Select the user ID
  4. On the User Setting, click the ‘Update common password upon login’ check box in the Authentication settings. *Make sure the authentication setting is set as AD/LDAP


With this, upon successful login to CACHATTO, the common password will be applied to the passwords of all of the approved services/portals.

*Note on setting the common password: Begin ‘Mail server ‘Common password setting’ setup only after updating the common password for all users.

If ‘Mail server ‘Common password setting’ setup has been applied before updating the common password for all users (while the password entry field remains blank) the password will be saved as ‘blank’. If updated with an empty password, the portals/services that have been approved for the feature may not function properly.


For further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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