What is CACHATTO? A broader look

CACHATTO is a remote-access service for enterprise; a solution for companies to revolutionise their  business workstyle.


BYOD (Bring your own device)

CACHATTO has all the necessary ingredients to be a BYOD solution. Providing a set of tools that helps users access and manage work related information securely, CACHATTO allows access to company system and files from anywhere with an internet connection, without leaving any data on the user’s device.

Takenaka Corporation has implemented CACHATTO in their system as a platform to facilitate BYOD, in order to maximise security and convenience for employees. Takenaka Corporation’s Group ICT Promotion Department – ICT Planning Group, Group Leader Mr. Shinji Akimichi reported, ‘Many people already had personal smartphones… we wanted to make it possible for them to check their email and calendar on their personal devices.’ (Learn more on Takenaka Corporation’s CACHATTO case study, available on the E-Jan International website.)


An alternative to mobile device management (MDM)


Because no data is left on the device, MDM is unnecessary. Devices cease to require company management, and eliminate worrying about unauthorised access or data leakage.

With regards to MDM solutions, in a BYOD oriented company, Mr. Hidetaka Hozawa, Manager of Process & Technology 2 Group of ABeam Consulting Ltd.’s IT Management & Service, felt that ‘… if we [ABeam Consulting Ltd.] want to implement BYOD, it is difficult for us to unify employeesʼ device models, [and] MDM therefore puts a restriction on the manageability of these devices in a BYOD environment.’ (Learn more on  ABeam Consulting Ltd.’s CACHATTO case study , available on the E-Jan International website.)


CACHATTO can be tailored to be used in a variety of ways, all depending on the company’s security restrictions. As such, it is a tried-and-true solution for companies making progressive strides towards BYOD, telework, etc.

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