CACHATTO Desktop – secure, virtual workspace

A virtual workspace offers a flexible environment to seamlessly access corporate files and applications, thus providing higher flexibility and increase business agility.

CACHATTO Desktop provides users with secure access to the existing on-premise infrastructure and cloud applications: a versatile virtual environment for full work flexibility and mobility. CACHATTO does not directly access corporate servers, thus eliminating security risks.


In CACHATTO Desktop, the virtual desktop and virtual disk that makes up the ‘sandbox environment‘ allows for applications to be used inside the environment. This enables:

Offline viewing and editing
Continuing to edit and view files is still possible even in areas with unstable internet access. Office files can be edited by utilising applications from the local CPU.

Erase virtual workspace
Files remaining on the virtual environment are deleted alongside the workspace upon logout from the CACHATTO Desktop application or when the session time ends; no data is left on the client device, which ultimately prevents data leakages.

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