Function Introduction: Temporal Storage on Android

On SecureBrowser for Android, it is possible to temporarily download email attachments and file server files to view later. Temporarily saved files are stored at ‘temporal storage’, which all would be deleted after logging out at CACHATTO SecureBrowser.


To temporarily save files from email attachments, follow the steps below:

  1. After opening an email message using SecureBrowser for Android, download an email attachment by tapping ‘View’. (Files are automatically temporarily downloaded from the email attachment when viewed.)
  1. When you want to view the downloaded file, tap the top right menu on the screen and select ‘Temporal Storage’.


    Image 1.1: Temporal storage (Click to enlarge)

  1. Select the file you would like to view. (Files edited on CACHATTO PDF Reader will be labeled as (edited). )


    Image 1.2: Files stored at ‘Temporal storage’ (Click to enlarge)


When creating an email, you can attach files from the temporal storage as well.


Image 1.3: Attach files stored from Temporal storage (Click to enlarge)


The temporal storage feature can be disabled according to individual security policies. Please contact the CACHATTO Support Center if you wish to disable the temporal storage feature.

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