What is CACHATTO Access Point?

CACHATTO Access Point authenticates and relays corporate data between CACHATTO SecureBrowser (application) and CACHATTO server. It does not store any corporate data, as the memory is temporarily cached and is immediately deleted after the data has been relayed. CACHATTO Access Point is managed and maintained by e-Jan, and  are provided to CACHATTO clients.


Image 1.1: CACHATTO structure diagram (Click to enlarge)


All communications between CACHATTO Access Point and CACHATTO SecureBrowser are encrypted, as well as communications between CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Server. Communications are secured by TLS 1.2 and AES 256 bits, which are strong and robust cryptographic protocols, designed to protect communication against eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery.

CACHATTO Access Point stores digital certificates and updated by e-Jan periodically. CACHATTO SecureBrowser is able to access CACHATTO Access Point with encrypted communication, as digital certificates are also embedded onto CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Server.

CACHATTO Access Point provides CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Server with a public key to help generate shared keys. The shared key is then shared between CACHATTO Access Point and CACHATTO SecureBrowser in order to encrypt the communication, as well as the communication between CACHATTO Server and CACHATTO Access Point.


Data storage

CACHATTO Access Point is a communication relay server. Requests from the user (authentication information, etc.), as well as the response information (email headers and body, etc.) will only temporarily remain in the memory of CACHATTO Access Point and will immediately be deleted right after the transfer has been completed.

In cases where the transfer is incomplete, session timeout occurs after a specified time and all cached information will be discarded. The information exchanged between user’s device and CACHATTO Server only passes through CACHATTO Access Point. As a result, no data are left/stored in CACHATTO Access Point.


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