Enabling screenshots on iOS devices

With CACHATTO SecureBrowser, screenshots are disabled to prevent data leakages.

On Android devices, screenshots are disabled only when CACHATTO SecureBrowser is in active use. However, on iOS devices, screenshots are disabled for the whole device, and the function remains even when CACHATTO is closed.

Enabling screenshots again is possible through two separate means:

  • Enable screenshots from inside CACHATTO SecureBrowser

Image 1.1: iPhone Settings (click to enlarge)



Image 1.2: Enable/Disable screen capture (click to enlarge)


On the bottom left corner of CACHATTO’s login screen, there is a button on the bottom right corner labeled ‘Enable screen capture’.

Tap this button, and then tap ‘Install’.

You will be guided out of CACHATTO to install the ‘Screen Capture Enabled’ profile. Follow the on-screen instructions to install.


  • Enable screenshots by deleting the profile

Image 1.3: Enabling screenshot by deleting profile (click to enlarge)

Go to your General Settings, and go to the Profile page.

Delete the profile named ‘Screen Capture Disabled’.


With the above steps, screenshots can be enabled on iOS devices.

* Please note that login to CACHATTO is not possible when screenshots are enabled.

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