Function introduction: Disabling screenshots on iOS

CACHATTO’s ‘Screen Capture Disabled’ function prevents screenshots to be taken on mobile devices.

On iOS devices, screenshots are disabled after installing CACHATTO; on Android devices, screenshots are disabled whenever CACHATTO application is on-screen, but is enabled when CACHATTO is closed or running in the background.

Because CACHATTO allows viewing access to company file servers, disabling screenshots prevents leaks of any data and confidential information.

This feature can be set from the MDM policy settings page on the CACHATTO Admin page.



Image 1.1: Enabling/Disabling screenshot on iOS devices (click to enlarge)

 Disabling screenshot policy for iOS

  1. On CACHATTO Admin page, click on Server settings tab
  2. Click on the Security policy, found on the left side of the screen
  3. Click Policy settings page link, found in the MDM policy settings column
  4. Select ‘Prohibit’ screenshot on the Settings for iOS device column


For information on how to enable screenshots on iOS devices, please refer to this blog post:

Enabling screenshot on iOS devices

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