Using G-Suite on CACHATTO Desktop

CACHATTO’s Multi-Cloud Gateway is one of the numerous CACHATTO functions, in which provides a safe environment to access public cloud services such G Suite (previously called Google Apps).


Why use G Suite on CACHATTO Desktop?

Using G Suite on CACHATTO Desktop is a proactive means to secure the data in your Gmail and Google Calendar. Attachments downloaded from your Gmail onto CACHATTO Desktop’s virtual workspace are only stored temporarily in the virtual sandbox, and not on your pc’s local drives. This helps to prevent data loss/leakage if device is ever misplaced.

From a business manager’s perspective, one can be assured that employees are only accessing to their work Gmail and Calendar only via authorised work PC using CACHATTO Desktop. This is made possible by making use of CACHATTO’s Single Sign On feature, where employees can only access G Suite through the automatic sign-in via CACHATTO Desktop.

As one the team members of your company, you can be free from the stress of misplacing your work device as no data will be stored in your computer.

Image 1.1: G Suite on CACHATTO Desktop (click to enlarge)

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