Using Office 365 on CACHATTO Desktop

In the previous blog post, we covered the topic about using G Suite on CACHATTO Desktop; one of the main features of CACHATTO Multi-Cloud Gateway is to make public cloud, such as Office 365, safer to access.

Why use Office 365 on CACHATTO Desktop?

CACHATTO Desktop provides the needed security when using Office 365 to access email and schedules outside the office . Downloaded email attachments are saved temporarily onto CACHATTO Desktop’s virtual sandbox, which would be deleted upon logout from the CACHATTO Desktop application. This thus help prevent data loss/leakage if ever the device is misplaced.

Furthermore, CACHATTO’s Single Sign On (SSO) feature enables restriction in where employees can only access Office 365 through the automatic sign-in via CACHATTO Desktop. This prevents employees from accessing the cloud from devices other than their authorised devices.

Since no cloud data gets stored on your device, it enables you to connect to the cloud (with any internet connection available) and securely access your company’s data wherever you go.


Image 1.1: Office 365 Outlook access on CACHATTO Desktop (click to enlarge)

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