Screenshot detection feature

The 8 March release of CACHATTO V5.5 R8 and CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.23.0 added a new feature to iOS devices, the screenshot detection feature.

Previously, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS prevented screenshots from being taken by requiring the installation of the Screen Capture Disable profile. This profile prevented iOS users from taking screenshots on their device. However, the screenshot detection feature allows for screenshots to be blocked only when using CACHATTO SecureBrowser, without needing to install a profile.

Image 1.1: Screen capture detection (click to enlarge)

The Screenshot detection feature can detect when a screenshot has been taken when CACHATTO SecureBrowser is open. Immediately, the user will forcibly be logged out and their account will be suspended. Suspended accounts can be reactivated from the Administrator page.

Furthermore, the admin can receive notifications of whenever a screenshot has been taken. The option to receive notifications can be set from the Administrator page.

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