CACHATTO Multi-factor authentication

CACHATTO’s multi-factor authentication guarantees a high level of security. When logging into CACHATTO, the authorisation process is as follows:


  1. App lock: The app lock can be unlocked with a passcode or with fingerprint authentication. The app lock will automatically lock CACHATTO SecureBrowser after a specified amount of time spent idle. The app lock settings include enabling/disabling app lock, passcode complexity, standby time, etc.

Image 1.1: App lock (click to elarge)

  1. Logging in to SecureBrowser: Logging into SecureBrowser can be done via password or fingerprint authentication. There are three types of password authentication: fixed, one-time password, and AD/LDAP.

Image 1.2: One-time password (click to enlarge)

  1. Device authentication: the device authentication uses the registered device ID. Device registration prevents login to SecureBrowser from unauthorised devices; up to 4 devices can be registered. The device ID settings can be changed from the Administrator page.
  1. CACHATTO SecureBrowser authentication: This step verifies that access is allowed to corporate data through SecureBrowser.
  1. Application version check: The MDM policies on the Administrator page allow administrators to specify the application version. For example, a security policy can be set to prevent users from using older, less secure versions of SecureBrowser.

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