Function introduction: CACHATTO Desktop shortcut keys

With the latest version release of CACHATTO Desktop V2.3, a useful shortcut key was introduced.

In previous versions of CACHATTO Desktop, clicking the top toggle button at the top of screen was necessary to move between the local desktop and the virtual desktop (CACHATTO Desktop).

Image 1.1: CACHATTO Desktop desktop switch button (click to enlarge)

Today we will introduce a couple of shortcut keys which would make your work with CACHATTO Desktop more efficient and enjoyable.


Switching between local desktop and CACHATTO Desktop
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [BackSpace]
– allows you to smoothly move to and from CACHATTO Desktop


SecureBrowser Tab switch
Press [Ctrl] + [Tab], or [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab]
– allows you to move between tabs when multiple tabs are open on CACHATTO SecureBrowser

Image 1.2: CACHATTO DEsktop – SecureBrowser tab (click to enlarge)


For details on all the additions to CACHATTO Desktop, check the CACHATTO Desktop V2.3 release notes.

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