Function introduction: Login settings help in iOS

Are you aware of the ‘login settings help’ feature?

The ‘help’ feature is available on CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS, and is accessible from the login settings page.


How to access ‘login settings help
1. Tap CACHATTO SecureBrowser app
2. Tap Settings found at the bottom left corner of  the SecureBrowser login page
3. Found at the top area of the settings page, tap Login Settings Help

Image 1.1: iOS SecureBrowser settings page (click to enlarge)


The ‘login settings help’ feature is a useful guide to understanding the setup procedure to log into CACHATTO.

Image 1.2: Login settings help iOS (click to enlarge)


This help feature guides you to an easy-to-understand manual in an external browser.

If ever in doubt when using the login settings, feel free to refer to this guide.

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