Function introduction: Shared device ID and device groups

CACHATTO has a device authentication feature that can enable/restrict which devices can be used to access CACHATTO.

Users can be registered to only be able to log into CACHATTO when the personal identifier matches the registered device. This provides an extra level of security by preventing users from logging into CACHATTO from an unregistered device.

Image 1.1: Through device ID authorisation, users can only login from registered devices (click to enlarge)

This feature can also be used with shared company devices, in which multiple employees use the same device.

By registering the shared device’s identifier as a ‘group’ and linking that identifier to the user’s account, the user can access CACHATTO from any device within that group. Furthermore, you can prevent users to login from devices outside of the device-group.

Image 1.2: Multiple users can use the same device (click to enlarge)


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