Splashtop for CACHATTO Tips (1): Secure connection with CACHATTO

Splashtop for CACHATTO allows for use of the remote-desktop application Splashtop to be used in conjunction with CACHATTO.

The ‘Splashtop for CACHATTO Tips’ blog series will help to explain why using Splashtop for CACHATTO is more secure and easy to use than using Splashtop or other remote-desktop applications on their own.

CACHATTO’s multi-factor authentication allows for a high level of security when accessing corporate resources. By using CACHATTO’s authentication procedures, Splashtop for CACHATTO makes the remote-desktop access just as secure as using CACHATTO.


Image 1.1: Login authorization setup


This way, administrators can require a high level of authentication for remote-desktop access, such as:

  • Restricting what devices can be used to access corporate resources
  • Login using corporate AD/LDAP authentication
  • Biometric authentication (fingerprint authentication)


Using Splashtop for CACHATTO for your remote-desktop allows you to retain CACHATTO’s high standards of security without compromising usability.

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